Is your district still spending too much for bandwidth that underdelivers?

School districts in Texas are discovering that caching gives them more bang for their bandwidth buck:

As the only vendor providing a dedicated cache on E-Rate, ApplianSys has unique insight into the actual internet demand in school districts. The evidence from districts in Texas is indisputable: CACHEBOX consistently delivers huge bandwidth savings, content acceleration and lower-cost connectivity. And with 100% E-rate eligibility, your district could deploy CACHEBOX for just a few hundred dollars.

Caching would shave $8m/year off Texas' bandwidth bill

We took USAC data on how much each district in Texas pays for internet access and the capacity it receives, we applied the average bandwidth saving measured at districts with CACHEBOX (50.47% from September 20 – August 21) to those without caching.

This tells us how much bandwidth each district would need in order to deliver its current capacity if it also had a cache in place. There are significant savings on the table.

Annual Cost of Capacity: Bandwidth Alone vs Bandwidth + Caching

But... the bandwidth that a district has is rarely as high as its requirement at peak times, like at the start of lessons or anytime an operating system software vendor distributes an update.

Meet your peaks without spending more on bandwidth

With CACHEBOX, these peaks are delivered locally, avoiding congestion that disrupts e-learning. We see school traffic routinely peak to over 5, often 10 times the average consumption.

Meeting these peaks with internet connections alone will cost $130m per year at current prices. With caching, Texan districts could meet peaks without spending another cent on bandwidth.

Annual Cost To Meet Peaks: Bandwidth Alone vs Bandwidth + Caching

By augmenting bandwidth investments with caching, districts can implement internet-enabled learning schemes cost-effectively, with confidence that their connection will cope with an ever-increasing demand for online content in the classroom.

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